The Florida Panhandle Lighthouse Challenge plans to return in 2016!  The tentative dates are April 16 and 17, 2016.  The Challenge, held in even numbered years, was cancelled in 2014 due to closure of the Cape San Blas Lighthouse and preparations to move it from its eroding site.

The Cape San Blas Lighthouse was successfully moved to its new bayside location in downtown Port St. Joe, Florida, on July 15.  In addition to the lighthouse, the two keeper's houses and the fuel house were moved 12 miles in an historic effort that took about nine hours.  The houses are to be placed on piling foundations, and the lighthouse will be set on specially installed concrete pads in George Core Park.  This work should be completed by the end of July, 2014.  Ducky Johnson Movers performed a masterful feat that went off without a hitch, as Duke Energy and their contractors lowered and raised power lines so that the 900 foot convoy could pass.  It was an amazing sight.

Congratulations to our friends at the St. Joseph Historical Society, who manage the lighthouse, for this successful preservation effort.  Let preparations begin for the 2016 Florida Panhandle Lighthouse Challenge!